Welcome to the official website of the Cult of the Ancient Ones. We are those who follow the ways of old, the forgotten path. In the days of old there were gods that were worshipped, the are called the Ancient Ones. And we aim to restore their honour in this world. The Ancient Ones once lived here in this world which was known as "The Black Earth", they were here in the time before time, and they were forcefully sent to the Abyss to never return by the Abominations. We are the servants of the Ancient Ones, their children, sent here to restore what they have lost to humanity of today.

I am Willow "The Black Widow" Ravenfeather the founder/owner of this church, as well as the High Priestess. This is a church as well as a sect that is based on the oldest known single sect of the Ancient Ones, this sect was known as The Cult of the Dragon and was fully devoted to the worship of TIAMAT and the rest of the Ancient Ones. This religion is nothing to take lightely, the Invocations, Conjurations, and other formulae within this website are nothing to play around with. We require that ALL people that seek to join this sect read the "Joining the Cult of the Ancient Ones" until you fully understand it.

In todays world, the term "Cult" has been morphed from its origional meaning which was such as a modern church. We follow the ancient ways, therefore we refer to our church as a Cult. We are not extremists, we do not follow Pseudo-religious belief systems. We follow the forgotten religion, in which has become throughout the days as "The Forbidden Religion".  


In order to become a member of the Cult of the Ancient Ones, the individual must be either a Necronomicon initiate, or be under the guidance of a mentor who is an outstanding member of the Cult. There is NO exceptions to this code.


High Priestess: Willow "The Black Widow" Ravenfeather  (Expert on rituals, writing works, the Ancient Ones, the Necronomicon, Sumerian Religion etc...)

Grand Priest: Atu Ben Nixx Al-Aswad (Expert on Sumeria, the Necronomicon, Occult studies, the Ancient Ones etc...)

                        BASIC SUMERIAN PRONUNCIATION

In the works on this website, pronunciation is key and everything when it comes to the Sumerian words. Sumerian is a language not like english on any other language today, it was spoken 6000 years before the Holy Bible was written until the Sumerian civilization had died out. In Sumerian, every letter MUST be pronounced, there is no schwas orsilent syllables in Sumerian.


A: Sounds like the "a" as in "father"

E: Sounds like the "e" as in "whey"

I: Sounds like the "i" as in "antique"

O: Sounds like the "o" as in "boat" (but rarely found)


Most consonants in Sumerian sound the same as in english, however there are some sounds that the english language does not have, the consonants that sound differently than in english are as follows:

X: sounds like the German "ach"

CH: Sounds the same as above

Q: Is pronounced as the "k" in "like"

K: Same as above

SH: Sounds as in "shall"

SS: Sounds like the "ss" in "lasso" or "hissing"

Z: Sounds like a "ts" as in "lots", not like the "z" as in "zoo"

Read any unfamiliar words carefully and slowly before actually before performing any formulae on this website lest thee ritual be failed, it is said that certain ancient rituals that are failed can be deemed fatal.

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