The following is the primary storyline behind the Ancient Ones and the Elder Gods as recorded in the book MASKIM HUL. It may be read or recited by the kassapu during a temple dedication to TIAMAT or the gods, near the babylonian new year of when inspired. Burn incense and meditate upon by candlelight, connect in your mind the process of the coiling and crooked serpent, all that transpires is the will of TIAMAT.


In the time before humanity rose from the primal slime of chaos, the darkness stirred and slept within the abyssic void of TIAMAT and ABSU.

When chaos reigned and darkness was abound when the earth was not named nor embodied ABSU, the begetter and TIAMAT who bore all life mixed their waters together. It was a time which was not counted, when the dreaming abyss of restful slumber encircled TIAMAT and ABSU.

Between them two gods Lahmu and Lahamu emerged from their union, their names pronounced and given. Soon after Anshar and Kishar were born from this royal line, wherein years passed until they fully matured.

Anu emerged as powerful as Anshar his father, who gave his power to him. Anu created Nudimmud in his likeness that was also powerful in wisdom and very strong in his might.

These powerful Gods and Goddesses soon stirred in the belly of TIAMAT, disturbing the primal chaos of dreams and sleep. Absu sought to quiet the Gods who were loud and chaotic, while TIAMAT indulged their behavios although it stirred her.

TIAMAT spoke unto ABSU, "How can we destroy what we have created? While they are troublesome in our desires to slumber in darkness, they should be allowed to remain." The Visor of Chaos called Mummu counseled ABSU; "O great father, end their troublesome ways which keep thee and our mother from rest by day and sleep by night."

ABSU was pleased with this and their plans were laid forth. It was soon after that Ea came to understand these plans that the primal darkness had in store for them. Soon after this Ea created a spell of sleep which would cause Absu to fall under.

Ea calmed the ancient abyssic waters and recited this spell, for which ABSU soon fell under. Visor Mummu was also made to sleep as well. He was chained from the nose to be kept until slaughter. Ea took from ABSU his crown, his belt and the mantle of radiance and took it for himself. Ea, like his forebears, was of darkness and could also begit light.

ABSU slept and the sweet waters were still. The hunger of Ea held for power was not unlike his parents, ABSU was held down and slain, and his life as it was consumed by Ea and with his power. ABSU was now as a Great Spirit or shade of darkness, falling again into the abyss.

Ea cried out into the darkness, for he would reside among the Gods now. He had a place in the abyss created, which he called ABSU in honour of his father. He built a great residence with several chapels or offering points for the Gods.

Ea joined with Damkina and they dwelt among great splendor, dwelling in the Chamber of Destinies. They gave life to Bel, who was very clever and became the Sage of the Gods.

Within ABSU, Marduk was created and granted the gifts of the Gods. He was poured the radience of his parents, Ea who fathered him and Damkina who bore him.

Made perfect, Ea understood that Marduk was while bearing light also a God from the Darkness of the Great Mother TIAMAT. Marduk while appearing as a Solar God of Victory, still held the passions of darkness within his heart.

Proud was the form of Marduk, his stare was piercing as he grew in power. His knolwedge too was great. Looking upon the loreof the Abyssic Dragon-Mother TIAMAT, he grew in respect to her even as a future adversary.

Marduk was raised higher than the other Gods for his radience was so bright. One form of Marduk was that he had several eyes and from his mouth fire blazed forth. Marduk was to be called one of the greatest o them all.

The God Anu, great God of the sky as both light and darkness cried out, "Marduk, Son and Majesty of the Gods!"

Marduk was crowned in the radient mantle of ten gods, terrible and powerful in his countenance. Five fearsome rays from the primal sorceries of the ancient abyss surrounded Marduk.

Anu begot the Four Winds and gave them birth. Anu placed the Four Winds in the hand of Marduk, "For you shall have this power".

Anu fashion the dust and the whirlwind which would carry his commands.